Lock me in!

Today started with a cup of coffee, a few minutes of mindless channel flipping, puppy play and then to the studio.  In other words awesomeness!  Is that a word?  Well it should be if it isn't and today in the studio has been just that!
Somehow though I look up and its middle of the afternoon already!  Why doesn't that ever happen at work?  But, always when I'm in the studio.  Days fly by.
Today I've been putting the finishing touches on and creating these boxes.
They are a bit time consuming but totally worth it I think.  I've still got the little legs to put on the one but I'm very happy with how they have turned out.  Definitely will be doing more of these. 
So creative juices are flowing and have been for days now.  (Someone please lock me in my studio!!!)  I just can't get in enough studio time to get it all out and down on to whatever surface it needs to go on to.  My next project....if I wish to accept....tackle the 24 x 36 big canvas that has been staring at me for weeks.  Probably a good thing I've started with something I'm happy with the end result, because me and canvas.....well we haven't totally worked out our differences. 
 Happy Paint Party Friday and to a creative weekend!


  1. Love your enchanting boxes. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Puppies and art studio days...nothing better!

  3. Cool boxes. Makes me want to see more close up.

  4. awesomeness is most certainly a word...and it describes your boxes... xx

  5. Very pretty...with the photos were bigger...but gorgeous none the less!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. How wonderful! I love your box art. It is so charming to my eyes.