My dear muse.....

So last night (Thursday), I realize I haven't picked up anything to be creative at all during the week!  Unspeakable, right? So naturally I had a lump in my throat and thought, oh my gosh, the muse has left!
I quickly calmed myself and decided that can't be the case.  It had to be all the other things going on in my head which has occupied this week and taken me from my creative ways.  Plus, tired. Not physically but brain tired.  As an honorary member of Over Thinkers anonymous I had simply worn myself out.
So without the usual motivation at hand I picked up my journal book.
This is what flowed out-
I am hoping that this is prophetic as to how my weekend will be but oh how it applies to sooo many things in our lives!  Have a great weekend and we will meet back up to see what kind of "triumphant" things I achieve!

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