It's Coming!

Spring that is!  I know many of you aren't buying this proclamation but I can tell you it's really coming.
There is enough wind blowing here in Texas to coax any new foliage out and with the variation of warm and cool it is a bit confusing about what season we are in but the signs are all pointing to spring.  In fact the in flux of bird activity is another indicator.  So much so it inspired me.
Today is Sunday and well that usually means I can be found in the studio.  Getting a late start well with that crazy "spring forward" clock business but hope to have a new painting to share with you next week.

1 comment:

  1. I am so in love with your work!! Your style is so bright, refreshing and fun!! Lately, I have been hearing so much about licensing artwork. I think your work would be perfect to license!
    I found your blog on artists in glad I did! It brings a smile to my face looking at your work!!!