Latest canvas

Life is throwing curve balls daily right now.  My last week involved:
Trips almost daily (80 miles away one way) to VA Hospital, working when I can, a ride in a wrecker due to a car problem, and now today lets top it all off with a bit of ice and cold.
Time Out!!
So scrap the project that's been in the works for a couple of weeks now as it just isn't going to get completed anytime soon.  What I can share is the most recent 12 x 24 canvas I had completed before chaos and mayhem took up residence.
Asking for prayers for my step father as next week looks to be just as trying and probably more so than this last one.
Wishing you a good week!

12 x 24 Canvas  (Acrylics, pastels, & ink)


  1. Love your pretty canvas and hope you have a better time of it next week. Happy PPF,
    Annette x

  2. Love the happy village in all it's vibrant colours. Hope it becomes calmer for you in the coming days and that you get some reprieve to delve in your art. I know the feeling too well,reason fro my PPF
    Take care, keeping you in my thoughts& prayers.

    Annabelle : )

  3. Your colorful little village of houses is so beautiful. I will say a prayer for your situation. The internet has a great core group of pray-ers. And also a number of people needing prayer support.

  4. Love your little street of houses. Hope your life soon gets easier, and that your step father will soon be better. Valerie

  5. I love your sweet whimsical row of houses! Thoughts and prayers for your step father and for you to be safe driving and have the courage and faith and strength to carry on as you need to.

  6. That sweet painting is full of joy and comfort - sorry life is so chaotic and worrisome right now. Praying that you are given patience to weather the storm (including the ice storm)

  7. Lovely canvas - I love the colours. Hope next week improves for you + best wishes for your step dad. x

  8. Oooh poor you sound like you have been hit by retrograde!! I love love love your whimsical houses though in all their glorious color! Best wishes for your step dad!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. The houses and that sweet little girl are just wonderful. I love the whimsy