Hello Friday!

Today for Paint Party Friday I'm sharing a bit of new art. Still hooked on these playing cards as canvases.  (Thank you Stephanie Ackerman for this new addiction.)
 And even applied the lesson of  less is more sometimes.  Aka...knowing when to stop. :)

I have a lot of creative thoughts flowing right now.  Oh yes, its good to have that happening!  Can't move fast enough to get them out or done but I'm not complaining.

Hope everyone has a good creative weekend!


  1. Love your cute artwork Jana. Happy PPF, Annette x


  2. Uh-oh! I think I deleted my comment. Okay going to the less is more, I'm not very good at that. I think "just one more (fill in the blank) and it will be done...then I am repainting, lol! Your artwork is great! Using playing cards as canvases? Like a deck of cards? Or the ATC cards? Sounds fun. I paint large surfaces usually and I have been wanting to get back into ATCs or ACEOs, I'll have to go out to Stephanie's site. I tried to follow you but Google is not my friend today and I have not been able to sign up to follow anyone. Oh well, I can follow by email :) Have a Happy PPF!

    1. Rasz, yes I'm just using playing cards. So handy for little canvas. Give it a try!