Gone to the birds

I'm not certain why quirky little birds have suddenly taken over my studio work but they have.  Must have left the window open.  haha! 
So I've created a pack of cards (2) Thinking of You and (2) Happy Birthday and put them on Amazon.  www.amazon.com/handmade/twistofpink
Those are probably my favorite so far and then there is a little canvas too that I painted just for fun.
 And then my journal/sketch book is  re-visiting an old saying.
I've been mixing things up lately with my process.  Not that I'm using any different products just "playing" around with things and approaching in new an fresh ways.  I've been reaching for watercolors a bit more and maybe I'll have something to share next time with that.  Plus, I know alcohol inks are kind of a thing.  Had mine for some time and never really did much with them.  So just today I've got a canvas going where I'm using them.  Until next time, catch me on Instagram some too!  www.instagram.com/twistofpink

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