Hello 2016

My how the days and years are just running together.  A ripple in time and here we are at 2016.
2015 was a good art year and with strong optimism and some necessary time in the studio I believe 2016 to be even better!

I've closed out 2015 with a day of studio cleaning.  You can't see the entire area from this picture but I assure you it is in better order all around that it has been for some time.  It's been interesting to see my art studio change and transform as my art has. I literally tossed 4 bags of trash and yes, even including old art.
So now as 2016 begins, fresh and organized I'm looking forward to some new art ideas and putting brush to canvas and messy fingers and lots of color.  So here is sneek peak at a new piece for 2016 and it is listed on my shop for sale now as a 13 x 19 poster.

Happy New Year!!

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