Oh where or where?

Ok, so I've been busy.  Neglect the blog kind of busy.  I'll have to say with Instagram it's just so much easier than blogging.  So you may want to follow me there.  https://www.instagram.com/twistofpink
Of course my last post I shared a bit about my Shasta trailer in progress.  Unfortunately not much else has progressed with it since that time.  Other priorities have stolen that time. :(

I'm excited to share however new Happy Birthday Cards and also new Postcards!!
I'm quite proud of these as the quality is very very nice and the colors are so rich.  I'll be posting them for sale soon.  Next thing on my to do list!
Until then I'm off to catch a few zzzz's like this precious girl.  I so wish she would do this on the floor!

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