And there is dancing in the streets!

Okay, maybe I over exaggerate BUT  it has finally happened.  My artwork is for sale on-line!
Whoop- whoop!!  It's been quite a struggle to get to this point but it really all came down to time.
Time to set it all up, time to take pics, time  to organize myself.  Well, okay, maybe that's going a bit far. But having set aside 1 1/2 days to focus on getting this process going I am feeling good.
Click on this to enter my Etsy store!!
There are plenty items to still put into the store but it's a start which means there is forward momentum!
Plus, I am selling my original canvas paintings on my website.  Either click here to go there or click at the top of this blog for Home then go to Shop.
So see there really should be dancing in the streets! Instead join me with all the great link ups happening over at Paint Party Friday by visiting here.
I'm sharing the completed canvas, I showed the starting picture of, a couple of posts back.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Congratulations on opening your store! I think your painting is very sweet. I love the gigantic flowers!

  2. Your style is lovely - I love the background in this.