The Holidays--

The Holidays are coming!  The Holidays are coming!  Oh my and a great big sigh!   Everywhere I'm
looking these days it is Halloween or Christmas or both out for display.  I'm just not ready to embrace this.  Just being honest.  But while I'm not ready to "go there" just yet I actually have made what I call Gifts from the Heart. 
Just getting started with these as they are more time consuming than one would think.  Paper, glue, and embellish.  Not hard just takes time.  And not just for Christmas either which makes them great.
Since my last post I also proceeded with making a few tags.
Haven't really done these before but they were fun to do.
Hope you have a creative weekend and join me over at


  1. Aww, your hearts and your tags are just darling. I love them! I don't feel ready for the holidays either, it seems too early, but if I want to make something holiday themed at least for Halloween, I'm pretty much too late already (I'm just not very fast)... I love your Christmas endeavors!

  2. love your hearts and tags-the drawings on the tags are so sweet! Happy PPF!

  3. I love your hearts and tags, especially the one with the sweet angel. I'm sure that anyone that receives them for Christmas will be thrilled. Blessings!