I know it's Fall...really I do!

While it may be Fall you can't take the flowers away!  Seriously, I should be working on Christmas but with my Flower Attention Disorder I've only dabbled at Christmas things.  (Shame on me!) 
I worked on this piece last weekend and really like the technique I tried.  Now that I've done this piece I plan on doing more with the same messy background layers I worked on with this one.  Totally different approach than I am accustom when I start painting. 
The vibrant colors really came out and I like the almost "batik" look it has.  I'm excited to expand on this new process and already waiting for inspiration to hit for the next piece.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It's beautiful! I love flowers any time of the year too!

  2. I'm having trouble getting Christmassy with my art this year too!
    And Lisa's right - flowers are perfect at any time of the year :D

  3. Lovely. It's better to paint what's in your heart and mind than what seems to be seasonal. Love the colors.

  4. Oh I love it too...and you are so right it is very batik looking and probably why I love it! Gorgeous colors!

    Hugs Giggles\