Re-Do #1

So I quickly picked up after my last post and started in on the pile of "bad" art that needed to be transformed.  I grabbed a very bad canvas board and started in on the re-work.
 She just hadn't turned out.  I had modeling paste, paper, paint, ink, you name it.  But it just wasn't very good at all.
So she disappeared........
Re-Done  and Happy!

 I couldn't really undo the modeling paste which was primarily the "I Choose Joy" so I worked around it.
With more layers of colored paints the background became more complex and it took on life from there.
My scan of this doesn't really do it complete justice as the words are painted with a translucent pink paint as well as the legs of the bird in translucent green.  Happy with this one so let's see what I make of the next one I grab from the "bad art" pile!


  1. I love the little birdie and flower in your new version of the piece. Very cute!

  2. I adore your whimsical, layered rework-fantastic!! Happy PPF!

  3. How wonderful to rework over an old painting. I really like the bird painting. Spectacular stuff. Happy PPF