Happy Paint Party Friday!

After taking a week off from participating with everyone over at paintpartyfriday I'm happy to have a moment to browse through many of the posting over there and join in!
Last week I found myself looking at the studio and thinking, I've been really messy!!  I mean... out of control... this space has to be cleaned up kind of messy.  So with task at hand I cleaned.
What I found interesting was that in looking at older works I realized my own growth in my art.

So look what I now have----
Lots of panels, boards and canvas that I simply feel like they are not worthy of keeping.  They will become the backgrounds and inspiration for new pieces.  Yeah!
Plus, and I may need an opinion on this, I've begun a new organization system.

Canvas Boards

Canvas Sheets

I grabbed soft binders, clear plastic sleeves, and put in my canvas boards.  This way I've got binders to organize not shuffle through stacks of boards.  Good idea?  I'll let you know.  Because this takes them out of my view.  Not on display but half the time they are in stacks anyway.
Then I did the same for my canvas sheets.  Binders for these also.

This weekend looking for a more "inspiring and creative" time in the studio.   Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween... I haven't met an artist that hasn't been out of control messy!! You are not alone...and we all improve over time...keep somethings to compare to....better yet take photos of it before you paint over it!! I love the idea of the binders....I did that with poetry!

    Happy ppf!
    Hugs Giggles

  2. I think it's a good idea. :) And I love your Happy Halloween piece.

  3. Great idea and wonderful soft feminine Halloween witch!

  4. I so need to clean up and reorganize. I love the sweet little witch who likes the color pink. A real touch of whimsy.