The crowded on-line universe

The loud and busy on-line lifestyle is consuming.  We all have phones in our hands, at our ears and if we aren't talking we are texting.  Websites we visit ask for emails, offering discounts and ongoing letters in exchange, increasing our online engagement.  Pretty pictures lure us in.  Seemingly perfect rooms and decorations and presentations keep us coming back for more.  And on the social side we share and comment and show to anyone who will give us the time.  As an on-line entrepreneur there is a necessary evil to many of the on-line trends.

I create art.  I love to create art.  And I hope you enjoy and even purchase art from me.  But I realize I can't be all places on-line to all people, all the time.  I don't have an assistant or virtual helper keeping me polished, posted & fresh to all social places and sites on the web.  And sadly I can't pull it all off even with the 24hrs a day I'm given.   So, I ask your indulgence as I occasionally put down the paint brush or the pen and share current studio happenings right here.

Some day my daily hours may look decidedly different than they do now but until then, you'll find me here.

On the Studio Table this week  10/25/15

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