Labor Day Weekend

Is the weekend signaling Fall?  Just wanting to make sure.  I know schools in, football is back, and Halloween decorations are now everywhere.  This all equates to Fall with the exception of the 100 degree weather.  Not cool!  Literally!  Plus my white pants are put away until next Spring, a fashion rule right?

What is going on then you ask?

Napping, but not for me.  These two have got this down.  And the other two are out of frame doing the same.  Given the heat they have told  me they want to be inside dogs. :)
 Besides canvas work, which I have been doing more of lately, I took a wood panel and started playing around. Not quite sure what to call her and probably not finished with her either.
And finally I've been working on shop updates, a constant work in progress, and excited that Posters are now available.  I'll be listing more Posters soon. 
So if you are kicking back and relaxing this long weekend drop by my shops and say hi!


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