The Mountains were calling...

Tomorrow starts me back to routine as vacation comes to a close. So sad.  How will I ever be able to put in a full 5 days of work?  I mean really?!  So to share a bit with you a vacation for me takes me back to the mountains.
It will always find me heading up a gorgeous road to some mountain top. This time and most times it is Glacier Park in Montana.
The colors were beginning to turn making for a great colorful background.  However, the day we went it was cooler and rainy.  But that didn't make a whole lot of difference to me.  Such peacefulness resides in the mountains....always.
And with art supplies in hand I managed some time to sketch and on the flight home created this little gal.
Home is a good place also but could do without the heat and humidity hanging around.  And as always, my heart resides in the mountains!

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