Yellow or Not to Yellow....that is the question

Determined to stay away from the color pink, well maybe not completely, I purposefully considered my colors today on this 12 x 24 canvas.  And successfully enough I did manage to stay away from pink domination. Here is a section from this painting.

But the question of the day is the yellow.  The finishing yellow.  I'm just not loving it like I would like to.
It could be because I generally don't utilize yellow in this quantity.  I use it to draw attention, or for a burst of color and brightness, but this I'm just not sure about.  So until I decide it has been moved to the holding table.  It's finished life uncertain as the hands of its maker can not decide if yellow is okay or not to yellow in the end.  I'll post the entire canvas at that point.
Have a good week!  August!   mixed media canvas, acrylic painting, jana mclaughlin

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