Busy Spring Weekend

You can always tell when the weather is nice. There is too much to do and take in over a weekend it seems.  Yesterday attended and FW Art Festival which is a yearly saved date in my calendar and this year was no exception.  Beside the Art Festival  I had to make a stop at another event which had vintage camper trailers all "glamped" out.  The turn out was very small but still was good to tour those that were there.
And of course there was food involved.
Breaded Ribeye Sandwich from Sweetie Pies in Decatur TX.

I have fallen to taking pictures of food and posting.  Sad day possibly.  But my husband raves about this sandwich.  He has only had this one other time and it was years ago.  We'd never made the trip back to the area but, yesterday it just so happened to be his lucky day!
So suddenly here it is Sunday.  I have a new girl which I posted on my Instagram and getting ready to start a new canvas.  But here is a peek at a canvas which I completed last weekend.
So I hope you are enjoying this Spring weekend and I'll share new art next weekend also!

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