History of this canvas

Sometimes I know exactly what I want a piece of artwork to be start to finish and the steps to get it there.  Other times its a "go with the flow" type of activity.  Then there are those times when I have a general idea, start the process, step back and go "what?".  This was one of those canvases, a 12 x 36 to be exact.
Had I known this was going to become an involved creation I would have taken more photos along the way but here we go.
This was where it began going wrong.
Not that it is completely horrible, as it may have another application in my art somewhere but, its wasn't matching the vision I had and as a stand alone canvas it was missing the mark.  I couldn't figure out how to make it morph into something better and I believe I may have been experiencing a lack of patience. (No, not me!)  So it got painted over.
REALLY painted over. Plus using some masking liquid created some layer and dimension.
It had plenty more steps along the way.  Again, not documented.  The final piece coming out to look like this.
Quite a stark difference from where the canvas was I think.  And in person it looks richer in color.
So again, never throw away a canvas you don't like.  Breathe new life into it!

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