More Canvas work

It has been awhile, actually quite awhile, since I sat down to put one of my girls onto a canvas.  This is generally due to the displeasure I have with the end result.  Sure, I'll tolerate the canvas for a period of time then end up painting over it.  I'd say it's the perfectionist in me but I'm not a perfect painter!
In process pics
With this being a long weekend and no plans to interfere I felt compelled.  The canvas was calling to me and while it wasn't what I thought I would do this weekend creatively I threw caution to the wind.
16 x 20 "She is Joyful in Hope"

She turned out relatively well for being on canvas.   I've got some other new art posted on my website homepage if you enjoy my art.  Thanks for stopping by and Thank you to all who serve and have given their lives for our freedom on this Memorial Day Weekend!

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