New Art, Ideas, and Chaos

New Art:
I've been putting finishing touches on art that has been waiting patiently for it's final attention.  I've got more to go, which is a good thing, but all in time.  Here is just a couple to share with you.
This little collage angel got her face today after laying for about a week waiting for her attention.
And then this started as a flower doddle on a scrap of canvas paper.
One thing led to another and it ended up much more than just a flower doodle! 
This is an area in general that I have to get under control.  Have you ever had so many things rattling around in your head that none of them get the attention they deserve?  Well that's what I've got going on.  Remember  all that "organization" I showed you in a few posts back?  Well the contents of all those journals and binders is going to go under some severe scrutiny.  Prioritize and execute!
Running right along side of the pending ideas is my thinking I can do it all!  Well newsbreak......I can not!  You know the saying, "run your own race"?  Well not only that but run it in your own time too!  Eliminate the chaos of trying to keep up with what?  The latest thing we have seen on Instagram, or someone's blog, or Facebook post?  The nifty newest look or thing published in our favorite magazine? 
I can look at half dozen websites or blogs and immediately think I should re-do mine because I liked the way another looked. Business cards the same way. AAhhh we have to love the internet and all things shared.....constantly....and unceasingly.  Does anybody work anymore?  I mean really?!

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