Getting it Back!

I'm on a self imposed "get my Joy back" time out!  There is not a one of us that doesn't just get worn out over the day to day rat race.  Add on top there is never a lick of good news it seems and zap!
Just like that you wake up and realize you've lost your joy!
So last week I decided to take a few days off this week and work on finding my joy again.  Would it mean not turning on the TV?  Will the time away from the 9-5 be enough?  Some much wanted studio time do the trick?  Sleeping in a bit?
Well, I have to say I think it is a combination of all of that.  Remember my last post about being sooo organized with all the journals and lists and etc.?  It's the same way with life.  I think being so efficient and making sure all the bases are covered and everything is in its proper place becomes all consuming and while yes there is efficiency happening is there balance with it all?

So new word for the day, week, month, 
And the studio time today has me working on a 12 x 36 canvas.
These are just a couple of shots taken while I've been working.  I'll post the finished piece when I'm done.  Had an idea in my head but it is not going down with as much ease as I had thought.  But it's all good!!!!

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