Overcoming adversity

This past week has been tough.  Not because my DishTV went on the fritz, not because my AC unit wouldn't cool if turned on, not because my internet service was not working properly, or my printer.
No, it was because others have suffered loss, trauma, injury, and disease.  The Boston marathon atrocity, the West, TX. plant explosion and subsequent leveling of an entire part of town, and cancer diagnoses and surgery of a friend. 
My week merely had inconveniences but others have much to deal with, accept, and overcome.
Thursday night before bed, after not picking up any art supplies all week I found myself in my art journal.
Part therapy and part the need to create.  I doodled this:
The strength we have as individuals and even as a community is amazing.  Mix that with our faith and beliefs and those who have been directly affected with these recent, or any adversity, must know is that We Shall Overcome!  It's who we are.
So last night after a fantastic day of strolling through the Fort Worth Art Festival.  A truly fantastic venue.  I am reminded of how important the arts are to at least my person well being.  And how creative some many people are!
I ended a wonderful day out, resting in front of the now working TV.  It was a good day!

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