Week in review....a mixed bag.

Whew!  This is the post that almost didn't happen.  Internet problems, printer isn't communicating with computer.  And that's just the technical challenges. Since the last post it's been... let's say busy!
The week held its usual demands and add in springtime and well, everything
changes.  Days are longer, outside tasks are now at hand, events and activities that have laid
dormant and non-existent during the winter months are happening and whew!  I almost didn't
get a post in.  Because of all this activity all I've managed is to scratch out this little journal page the other night.  
I had hoped to show you my finished endeavor of something "new" this week.  Time has just not allowed it.  I will tell you it's with a not so usual
medium of mine which is clay.
Time willing it will be my next post.
Hope you have a lovely week!

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