Studio time today!

I'm having a great Saturday! (Hope you are too.)  It's great because so far I've slept in, checked in on some art blogs, and now in the studio for awhile this afternoon.  Doesn't get much better than that.
Today I'm going to be working on doing something with this canvas I've got prepped and ready to take on it's real purpose.
 In the meantime though, I've been seeing other artists share their entries submitted to the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search      The competition had a large amount of submissions and a selection down to a remaining 50 was made earlier this month.
Nope, not a finalist but it was great to have the opportunity to enter.  If not familiar with the contest the submission had to be a playground theme.  Here was my entry-

Thanks for noticing, yes of course there is a big flower on the playground! Ha ha!  There is so much talent around that it can't be easy to pick a winner.  I think just entering makes of us winners!!

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