Sun Flooded Studio!

As I enjoy a day in the Studio today I'm accompanied by sun streaming into my space.  It's wonderful!
And given the calendar is showing already the 11th of January, (I've been a bad blogger), I absolutely am loving this winter day!
My mind has been busy with projects of re-organization, focus, growth, options, and it can be quite frankly tiring! I best stay with "focus".
I freshened up my blog and website header.  I've still got to update my Etsy shop soon and put products in the store as well. But since the holidays I have stepped away from the sketchbook and journaling long enough to do a painting.
She's my brunette girl on a 12 x 24 canvas.  For some reason I have been doing alot of girls lately.

Be Brave  on  Canvas Board
Wood panel
Sometimes I think faces "define" what someone  is seeing in art so I don't always feel comfortable putting faces on my girls.
So check back as I promise to post more new art plus some already completed art!  Have a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the health issues. Never fun at all. I do love your pages and the way you are breaking through one day at a time.