Today's accomplishment...

I primed an 18 x 24 canvas friday night I think it was in anticipation of spending some time today in the studio.  At the time I was prepping this canvas I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  Collage, paint and what was it going to be?  Luckily I sketch and draw and journal every night because last night my efforts developed what ended up on canvas today!
So I started in with my usual colors.  Which brings me to another thought.  Why do I keep buying different colors?  I mean really?  If I am going to be drawn to the same one's time and time again!
I digress.  But as I worked with this canvas I really enjoyed it.  I wanted to complete it today so I was hurried a bit but I am happy with the outcome.
Now I'm looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend.  I have website updates I have ready to do, plus could I actually get the etsy store ready too?  Check back to see!

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