Memorial Day Weekend & a bit of opinion!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  I know I am enjoying the pace of these few days  and remembering those who have and are serving our great country and the sacrifices made!
I had hoped to spend some time on the etsy shop but don't know if that is going to happen.  It really IS on my to do list!  I have however spent some time gazing about the web and noticing a pattern among artist blogs.  A big question.....What to do with the Blog?
Seems many are wondering what to do with their blogs.  So many questions, so many options, yet at the center of it all seems no one is actually truly "loving" the blog process.  Then of course there is the to monetize or not monetize their blogs.  This platform, "blogging", is truly that, a platform.  What any of us chooses to do with it is an individual decision.  Not everyone should be teaching and selling art classes but it seems that's what we are "suppose" to be doing if you are trying to fit in.
Hopefully if you stop in and visit my little blog corner of the world wide web you catch a glimpse of my art and come back to see what I'm up to again.  Blogging is a platform ever changing for each of us individually, depending on what we individually have going on.  At least that is how I view it.
Trying to be like someone else's blog or art business is not being true to ourselves.  At isn't that what we claim our art is all about?  Showing our authentic and individual voice?! There I've said it.  Don't know where that all came from!  :)

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